Neurosurgery is the field of medical sciences that deals with the overall treatment and rehabilitation of disorders that affect the brain, spinal cord, and central nervous system. This is a very important branch as it is involved to treat the irregularities of the master organs of the body.
Neuro Surgery

Over the past few years, doctors from our neurosurgery department have produced impeccable results with the help of the latest neuro-radiology services, neuro-intensive care facilities, and medical services. The advanced neuroimaging technology and minimally invasive techniques have also greatly contributed to our success. Our doctors have not only cured patients but also assured them of overall well-being and complete relief from other nerve problems.

The most common cases that are treated under this department are -

  • 1. Brain Mapping
  • 2. Brain Surgery
  • 3. Electroconvulsive therapy
  • 4. Migraine
  • 5. Vertigo
  • 6. Stroke Specialist
  • 7. Spine Surgery
  • 8. Memory Clinic
  • 9. Nerve Biopsy
  • 10. Muscle Biopsy